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Alex might be from Canada, China, Hong Kong, some random couch in Newfoundland, or maybe Jupiter. It's not really clear. What is, however, is that Mark Setrakian is his spirit animal and his imaginary robots enjoy a similar level of success.

At any given time, 9/10 active or upcoming tournaments will probably be organized by this guy, or 0/10 when he inevitably burns out and ragequits. The same may also apply for other RPGs as well. With regards to his robots, Alex has probably taken advantage of more exploits in less than two years than most people do in more than ten. In fact, most of ARC is still waiting to see what it'll look like when he makes a robot with normal-ass wheels that doesn't bend at least one rule.

He was senpai to Drew at one time, but sadly that may be evolving into more of a Darth Vader-Obi Wan sort of thing nowadays. Also carries on a 'rivalry' with his younger and more successful imaginary brother, Laz, that mostly just consists of him losing and then entering purpose-built counters for all TRG bots in the next major to snatch that rare precious win.

Monsterworks Robot.jpg

One of The Monsterworks' more reasonable designs. >

(Update (07-10-2017): Well, the ragequit happened)

(Update (14-10-2017): Oh no it didn't!)

(Update (14-12-2017): Oh yes it did!)

(Update (23-12-2017): Oh no it didn't?)

(Update (18-06-2020): Oh yes it did. :( )

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