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Advanced Robot Combat is a site where grown sexually frustrated men with childish hobbies play fake robot beauty pageant with each other, and then cry like babies when they lose.

Each season, people take turns entering terrible robots that they think are the best thing since the pocket in pita, submitting terrible 2000 word RPs that writers ignore, and writing terrible matches that no one reads unless they lose. The season concludes after the teams offering the best blowjobs or most intimidating threats to the writing staff receive their wins at the end.

This national past-time has gone on for hundreds of years and shows no signs of stopping, and nobody knows why!



Team 57

Alpha Robotics

Angry Goat Robotics

Team Animal Cruelty

Aquatic Robotics

Arsonists Inc.

Team Asbestosstar

Team Blood Gulch

Team British Robotics

Team Cardboard Pony

Chaotic Robotics

Code Red Robotics

Cool Story Brobotics

Team Covenant

Team Design Flaw

Team Eagle Robotics

Team Ectogasm

End of the Line LLC


Team Fox

Team Foxtrot Uniform

Team Hunga

Ice Cubed Robotics

Team Ignition

Team Instant Regret

Team Kiazi

Killjoy Syndicate

Team Mongoose

The Monsterworks

Team Obscure

Team Playzööki

Square Go Robotics

Team Stealth

Team Targeted

Tartarus Robotics Group

Team Toxic

Team Varying Every Day

Team Worst Swordsman

Team Yellow Alert


Black Dog



The United States of America

The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland