The Servant's Assistant
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The Servant's Assistant 3
Team Information
Team Team Ectogasm
Robot Statistics
Weapons Axe and a Flipper

Robot statistics correct as of its most recent competition

The Servant's Assistant is a veteran Lightweight class robot designed by Team Ectogasm. It first appeared under the guise of The Servant, where it competed a a burgundy flipper for two years. Over the course of it's career, it has picked up many wins, but it yet to claim a championship.

First Tournament. ARC: Aftermath

  • TSA first entered the CFL competitions in ARC: Aftermath as The Servant, a high powered flipper, but was lacking in speed. It's first fight was against the then reigning champion, The Windmill. The Servant lost that match via 23-22 decision after sustaining too much damage from The Windmill's disc. His second match was against another rookie bot, Hot Shot. Hot Shot dominated the early stages of the match, but The Servant held firm and fought back to win a 23-22 decision. The Servant's next match was against another rookie bot, named Mobile Failure. It was a close back and forth match with both bots looking damaged, Mobile Failure squeezed the victory via a 24-21 decision. After this match, The Servant was hopelessly outclassed by former champ Zombie Killer, in which the latter won the match by a dominating 38-7. The next match was up against Dugtrio, where The Servant was dominated for the entire match until he got a last second flip in and won via knockout. It's next match was against yet another rookie in Minesweeper, where The Servant was victorious in a commanding display, winning a 31-14 decision. The next match was against veteran robot, S.W.A.T. Despite throwing his adversary over him right off the bat, he couldn't keep up with S.W.A.T's speed and ultimately lost in a 30-15 decision. It's next match to stay in the tournament was against veteran Rascal. Despite a valiant effort, The Servant was once again out-sped and lost the match 32-13. Now out of the tournament, The Servant faced eventual runner up, Hit'Em Hard in it's last match of the tournament, where it was once again dominated.
  • At the end of the season, The Servant finished with a 3-6 win/loss record.
The Servant from 2009-2011

Second Tournament. ARC: Armageddon

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