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Tiki Man
"Tiki Dude? After 15 years, he's finally....Tiki Man"
Team Information
Team Team Toxic
Robot Statistics
Weapons Spinning Drum/Rear Plow

Robot statistics correct as of its most recent competition

Tiki Man is the latest entry from Team Toxic into CFRC. After almost a decade of inactivity, HikerAdam/Toxic finally returned to CFRC when he hosted /r/Battlebots Hammerfall, a CFRC event hosted on Reddit.

Tiki Man was a drum bot who was a very rushed entry into Hammefall. Overall, it's stats were far too average across the board to compete with most other bots in the tournament. Tiki Man wound up going 1-2 in Hammefall.

Match History

Tiki Man Vs. Meta Ridley

Tiki Mans first match did not go well at all, as he drew a very tough Group C which consisted of Meta Ridley, Plowdozer, and Chimera. Tiki Man's first match was against tournament favorite, Meta Ridley. Unfortunately Meta Ridley made short work of Tiki Man, winning by KO in under a minute.

Tiki Man Vs. Plowdozer

After a disappointing first round, Tiki Man then had to face a stout plowbot in Plowdozer. Both bots were slow and cumbersome with mostly ineffective weapons, and this showed throughout the match as it was a slow back and forth battle with Tiki Man eventually coming out on top in a 25-20 judges decision.

Tiki Man Vs Chimera