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Tornedron, Son of Psyclone.
Team Information
Team Ice Cubed Robotics
Robot Statistics
Weapons Horizontal Spinning Ring with optional Axe Breakers

Robot statistics correct as of its most recent competition

Tornedron is a Lightweight Horizontal Spinner, built by GF93 of Ice Cubed Robotics. Much like its predecessor Psyclone, it is a small and low cylinder-shaped design that runs on four wheel drive for optimal stability and grip, and is equipped with a fast-moving outer ring spinner- driven by internal motors to spin around the chassis rather than being driven by a motor on the top to enable it to run upside-down without any loss of functionality. This is lined with four big Teeth that have axe-like grooves in them, in order to carve into armour plating as they hit and pull at them in order to more effectively remove them than simply cutting into them.

Besides these similarities however, Tornedron is almost completely rebuilt from Psyclone, having less of a focus on internal defense and more on speed and attacking power. Whilst its internal core armour is lighter, its chassis is lowered down so that it is harder to hit and its teeth can more easily get to and damage opponents, and has thicker armour on the outside ring to make it harder to damage. It can also equip special upwards-pointing teeth known as Axe Breakers, which allow it to catch onto, damage, and potentially destroy overhead weaponry such as axes, improving its defense on the top. The downside however, is that it removes Tornedron's ability to run inverted, so they are an optional feature.

It most important changes however, were internal- it received brand new motors for both its drive and weapon, as well as new, grippier tyres. Not only can it spin faster much faster and therefore do more damage, but it also features greatly improved speed and agility compared to the original Psyclone, making it much harder to keep pinned down than its predecessor, and better able to apply its attacking ability to foes.

Although it has to date only appeared in one competition, Tornedron has proven itself to be one of Ice Cubed Robotics' most effective designs to date- it took Third Place overall in Ruination: The Omen, KOed several leading Lightweights including Mercenary and Recovered, and won eleven matches overall. Despite losing out in the Playoffs after taking a beating from Annoying Box Rush, it obtained the Best Rookie Award at the end of the series.

Despite currently being on hiatus due to the 28-point limit rule affecting its capabilities, there is a very good chance that Tornedron will return in later competitions to improve on its success. For a time, he considered sparing your wretched little machines. Now you shall witness...their dismemberment!

There was a Superheavyweight version just referred to as Tornedron, causing some confusion.


Ruination: The Omen- Third Place, Lightweight Division (Lost to Annoying Box Rush), Best Rookie Award

Wins- 11 Losses- 2

Biggest Rival- Mercenary

Theme- Unicron Medley, The Transformers: The Movie soundtrack


Tornedron's original design sketch.

  • To date, Tornedron is Ice Cubed Robotics' most successful Lightweight in terms of wins in one competition at 11, and is tied with Conqueror in how many wins it has.
  • Like its predecessor, Tornedron can increase its spinning speed drastically by spinning on the spot- this manoeuvre was previously used by its ICR teammate War Bastard, who coined it as the Bastard Spin.
  • Tornedron was the first robot to use Axe Breakers as part of its design. It has since become something of a trend amongst Full Body Spinners on ARC.
  • Tornedron was named after a character from the 1980s Transformers animated series- in particular, an almighty energy being and half-brother of Unicron, the God of Chaos.
  • The Axe Breakers on Tornedron were inspired by a food blender.