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Team Team Covenant
Robot Statistics
Weapons Double 'horizontal' discs.

Robot statistics correct as of its most recent competition

Troubloon is a Lightweight horizontal spinner created by KodeBreaker of Team Covenant. He's a 'boxy-but-scoopy-and-wedgy' 4WD horizontal spinner, the 4WD being there to give Troubloon that extra bit of grip. He has 2 'horizontal' discs which aren't truly horizontal but are slanted; the front one is slanted down at an angle of 15 degrees to hit skirts and wedges better. The second one is higher up and slanted up 15 degrees to act like the front one when inverted, but because Troubloon is so low, it can definitely hit side panels. He also has 3 spikes on each side to prevent beaching, and can be used as secondary (but non-active) weapons when spinning.

Troubloon did not achieve great success, as his creator dropped out of ARC: Aftermath halfway through the tournament, and was never entered again. He was slated to return to League of Robotic Excellence 2, but due to a creator decision, Anti-Virus replaced him instead. It is unlikely he will ever return, and may be auctioned off to another team.

Overall Record[]

  • Wins: 3
  • Losses: 6


  • Troubloon is a heavyweight robot on the Fighting Robots Association (FRA) fanfic area. Because Kody lacked lightweight and middleweight robots, he had to scale some of his heavyweight robots down for Aftermath. Troubloon and Jinx were the only two so far to have this happen, as Jinx went from heavyweight to middleweight.
  • Troubloon has had a very interesting history on FRA. In actuality he is as old as other old Team Covenant bots, Wedginator and Killobite, but he did not keep the same design. He started out similar to his current form, but then went from that to a clusterbot with drums, to a singular drumbot, to a flipperbot with two side drum, then to a full-body-drum, and finally back to twin discs. Talk about erratic!
  • Name inspiration: Pirate doubloons. Kody just thought it would be funny to incorporate the words 'trouble' and 'doubloon'. Thus, Troubloon.
  • Theme: SMB3 Airship Remix from the Super Smash Bros: Brawl OST.