TurtleBack!’s Season 2 Design

TurtleBack! is a competitor who competed in the 2021 ARC Tournament. TurtleBack! Is a flipper bot who has 2 wheels, as well as a really big flipper.

TurtleBack! VS Triple B[edit | edit source]

TurtleBack!’s New Design Teaser shown on discord

TurtleBack!’s First fight was against fellow long bot Triple B. The Fight Was Unique Compared to other fights. In The End. TurtleBack Won By A JD

TurtleBack! VS Greenwar[edit | edit source]

TurtleBack!’s next fight was against Veteran Bot Greenwar. Fight Results Will Come Soon

TurtleBack! Vs Tower Of Grey[edit | edit source]

TurtleBack!’s Third Fight Was Against Tower Of Grey Fight Results Will Come Soon

Trivia[edit | edit source]

TurtleBack was the first bot that the builder built

Yes, the person writing this built TurtleBack! No joke.

TurtleBack!’s Original Apperance

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