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TurtleBack!’s Season 2 Design

TurtleBack! is a competitor who competed in the 2021 ARC Tournament. TurtleBack! Is a flipper bot who has 2 wheels, as well as a really big flipper.

TurtleBack! VS Triple B[]

TurtleBack!’s New Design Teaser shown on discord

TurtleBack!’s First fight was against fellow long bot Triple B. The Fight Was Unique Compared to other fights. In The End. TurtleBack Won By A JD

TurtleBack! VS Greenwar[]

TurtleBack!’s next fight was against Veteran Bot Greenwar. Fight Results Will Come Soon

TurtleBack! Vs Tower Of Grey[]

TurtleBack!’s Third Fight Was Against Tower Of Grey Fight Results Will Come Soon


TurtleBack was the first bot that the builder built

Yes, the person writing this built TurtleBack! No joke.

TurtleBack!’s Original Apperance