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Tyrian is an untested featherweight melty-brain spinner made by North-West Sheds, named after the dye. I specifically didn't want to make a melty-FBS, as they're a very exploit-based design I don't enjoy.

Tyrian v1[]

First version, with the main issues being it's limited invertability and its weird teeth.

Oh look, a robot that didn't unilaterally suck. Equal highest seeded robot on my CBC1 team, seeded 13th, it 1st match was against 12th seed undercutter, Redneck Alimony Payment, and was generally a destructive, close bout, with RAP winning via KO/LiPo fire. Also that week, it competed as the lowest seeded team in the Tag-Team. It got flipped into Howler II's side bar. That never ends well for anyone.

It then took a resounding win against 21st seed CopyOfCopyOfCopy, a mediocre vertical spinner, with a swift KO. Week 6 saw a bricking from 4th seed Hot Coffee, who promptly pushed Tyrian into the path of FBS house robot Hivemind. Oh. And then Week 8 saw it got bricked (again) by 5th seed Drop Zone, who promptly pushed Tyrian into a house robot (again).

And then, due to people forfeiting constantly, Tyrian somehow managed to be in contention for a playoff spot. All I needed to do is to beat 20th seed, weird Stinger-esque vertical spinner and drone, To Fry or To Fly. Tyrian managed to hit the wheels, and was in the playoffs. Somehow.

Then, the bubble burst. Tyrian was against the 8th seed, fast flipper/brick Neon Rainbow. It got thoroughly fucked, somehow made it to the end of the fight, and got trounced in the judges' decision.

It was then too fucked to do the thwack rumble.

Tyrian v2[]

Watch this space.