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Ultraviolence 2.0
Team Information
Team Team Covenant
Robot Statistics
Weapons Melty-brain FBS featuring two wedge-like teeth.

Robot statistics correct as of its most recent competition

Ultraviolence is a melty-brain full-body spinner created by KodeBreaker of Team Covenant. It is a result of interest in Monsterworks' discussion about combining melty-brain spinners with full body spinners, and is a take on his own project, Mordor. Despite this, neither made it past the quarter-finals of Cherry Bomb Classic.

The first Ultraviolence.

The first version was little more than a recolour of Kody's other middleweight, Solstice 3.0, which took part in competitions on the Fighting Robots Association's Fanfic board. The only non-recolour difference is the number and size of hooked teeth.

Ultraviolence first competed in ARC: Armageddon and went 5-5, defeating AMP and scoring close losses with Barrier and Sarge along the way. Sadly, it did not make the play-offs.

Ultraviolence was expected to make a return in Crazy Bots: New Breed City in an updated form, but the temporary arrival of Square Wave from Team Targeted caused him to drop out. :P He was replaced by Perseus, while Ultraviolence later competed in Cherry Bomb Classic and went 5-1.

Overall Record[]

  • Wins: 10
  • Losses: 6


  • Theme and name inspiration come from the song "I Am Ultraviolence" by Swiss "death wave" artist, Sybreed.
  • Initially, Ultraviolence's "successor" was Luna, until he was redesigned. Luna could be considered "Solstice 4.0".
  • There was an initial version of Ultraviolence 2.0, but the Mauler 5150 clone was scrapped before it even took off the ground.