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The most recent edition of Underall
Team Information
Team Team Hunga
Robot Statistics
Weapons Hinged wedges and thwacking arm

Robot statistics correct as of its most recent competition

Underall was the premier lightweight from Team Hunga. With its near-unbeatable wedges and speed, it was a prime competitor. Of its 8 losses, 4 of them were by forfeit. While it hasn't competed in years, it has had many imitators, including middleweight Armageddon and lightweight Mineswept Away.

Underall also competed as one half of a Middleweight clusterbot in Fantasy Robot Rumbles-South Side Combat with Warshrike, forming Undershrike. The tag team did well, but eventually lost to Unlimited Limits via pushout in the semi-finals.

Due to it being near-unbeatable, the ARC staff has unofficially "banned" Underall from competing. However, Team Hunga has still had plenty of success in the Lightweight division.

The original Underall

The version of Underall from ARC Revolution