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Apparently my best bot.

Team Covenant[]

Leader: Kody Kunz


"If it's broken, break it more. If you can't break it more, you're a pussy."

Tournaments competed in

  • ARC: Backlash (cancelled)
  • ARC: Reckoning
  • ARC: Carnage
  • ARC: Aftermath
  • ARC: Armageddon
  • Robot Attack
  • FRR: Dead Zone
  • Ruination: The Beginning
  • Crazy Bots: Blazing Ruin
  • League of Robotic Excellence
  • Day of Wreckening
  • Ruination: The Omen
  • FRR: No Mercy
  • Crazy Bots: New Breed City
  • Robot Bastards
  • League of Robotic Excellence 2
  • Ruination: The Contagion
  • FRR: Backlash
  • Cherry Bomb Classic

Tournaments hosted

Most successful robots: