V'Ger 2016
Team Information
Team Team Yellow Alert
Robot Statistics
Weight Class Heavyweight
Weapons Horizontal Flywheel, Kinetic Flipper

Robot statistics correct as of its most recent competition

V'Ger is one of Team Yellow Alert's oldest competing robots. It has undergone many changes throughout the tournies it has participated in, but the general idea has been a steveOUT type of spinner with a secondary weapon of some sort, either a lifter or clampers.

V'Ger had an underwhelming performance in its first ARC tournament, due more to poor stat allocations than the robot's design perhaps, but it returned in Ruination: The Omen with a powerful crushing system and found some success.

V'Ger (VFT - 2004)
V'Ger (ARC: Revolution) 2008
V'Ger - An unused configuration
V'Ger 6 - Ruination 2 (2014)

After the success of Parasite in Arc: Armageddon 2010 and LORE 1 in 2013 V'Ger was brought back as a more ambitious alternate, for Ruination 1. Due to a loophole in the multiweapon stats it was able to carry two 13 power weapons, which gave it enough good matchups to net a playoff spot.

V'Ger - Battlebots "Pressure Drop" 2016

The newest incarnation of V'Ger (2016) plays it straight: the secondary weapon draws power from the blade to operate. Because of this it is an immensely powerful kinetic energy flipper, in addition to having a spinning bar.

Tradeoffs - The flipper on V'Ger arguably will be more useful than the secondary wedge on Parasite, giving V'Ger better chances against dedicated spinner killers that it can't damage.

The robot is only weakly invertible as a consequence. It could potentially right itself (which would require directly contacting its fully powered blade against the floor), but it can still operate its primary weapon upside-down.

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