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Team Information
Team Team Varying Every Day
Robot Statistics
Weapons Ramming wedge, with an inverted one at the rear.

Robot statistics correct as of its most recent competition

Vendetta is a superheavyweight rambot created by MadBull of Team Varying Every Day. It has won two tournaments in a row, notably ARC: Carnage and ARC: Aftermath.

Historically, the story of Vendetta's weaponry is riddled with lies and falsehoods. People have claimed that one of it's wedges is static, that the wedges are powered by a linear actuator, and even that Vendetta is a vertical spinner. None of these suggestions is true. Fact of the matter is that Vendetta has 2 wedges, 1 at the front right side up, 1 at the rear upside down, not unlike Rammstein. Unlike Rammstein's though, both wedges are hinged near the middle of the robot. The main twist is that one of the wedges is sprung, and the other has better armour. Vendetta can start either way up. 

IOne of its rivals is the fearsome Solar Smash. Other than Solar Smash, few could stand up to the might of this two-time champion.