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Waterloo Sunset
WaterlooSunset Wedge.png
Waterloo Sunset, shown with the Wedge Flipper and Rear Wedge.
Team Information
Team Ice Cubed Robotics
Robot Statistics
Weapons Reversible Flipper and rear Interchangeable Wedge/Anti-Spinner Trap.

Robot statistics correct as of its most recent competition

Waterloo Sunset is a Heavyweight rammer/flipper hybrid, built by GF93 of Ice Cubed Robotics. A very low cuboid design with a snazzy Union Jack-patterned livery, it was designed predominantly for great speed, control, and defence against spinners and wedges, utilising very fast four wheel drive with wide and low clearance tyres for maximum grip and minimum ground clearance, and protected by lightweight yet very strong armour, as well as tapered sides to accommodate a set of hinged titanium skirts for excellent all-round defence.

Waterloo Sunset, shown with the Flat Flipper and Anti-Spinner Trap.

In terms of its armament, it was designed with adaptability in mind- a concept explored earlier by the ICR Superheavyweight Lethal Injection and its interchangeable lifting weaponry. Its primary weapon is a reversible Flipper driven by Linear Actuators- this is designed to function either as a Wedge (Shown above), or as a Flat Plate (Left) to slide under spinners. Whilst not a full-on throwing device, it is great at sliding under opponents and tipping them over, or at least popping them off balance.

Its secondary weapon is a rear Interchangeable weapons bay that can accommodate either a hinged Titanium Wedge that slots in neatly with the skirts for additional defence from wedges, or alternatively, a special Anti-Spinner Trap. Consisting of an armoured U-Shaped Extension from the main chassis with spring-loaded wedges along the bottom, it is designed to catch horizontal spinners between the two outer arms to stop the spinner, whilst simultaneously forcing its way underneath with the wedges to trap them, raise their wheels off the ground, and allow Waterloo to push them where it wants to go.

Ultimately, its adaptability and good design paid off for it, as it made the Heavyweight Playoffs in its first competition, Crazy Bots Blazing Ruin. It settled for Third Place after taking a hammering from the undercutting teeth of eventual Champion Spectrum of Eternity, but after its good performance, the future certainly looks bright for this British bruiser.


Crazy Bots Blazing Ruin- Heavyweight Third Place, lost to Spectrum of Eternity.

Wins- 5 Losses- 4

Biggest Rival- Spectrum of Eternity

Theme- Going Underground, The Jam


The latest version of Tanto, whose paintjob Waterloo Sunset helped to inspire.

  • Waterloo Sunset helped to inspire the paintjob of a real life competitor. After being shown on the Official Robot Wars Facebook page, roboteer Craig Danby utilised Waterloo Sunset's Union Jack-pattern paintjob as a basis for the sixth version of his own robot, Tanto; and Anto 3. citation
  • Waterloo Sunset was named after the 1967 song of the same name by The Kinks, as well as a Eurostar high-speed train named after it.
  • The sticker on Waterloo Sunset's flipper says "Mind the Gap"- a reference to the popular phrase associated with the London Underground, warning passengers to mind the gap between the platforms and the trains when alighting.